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Certe cose che non si possono nascondere. Campagna contro la violenza sulle donne e in particolare contro gli abusi domestici in Arabia Saudita (Foto e video)

Fonte: Memac Ogilvy - Via Selvas, 22/01/2017

Agenzia: Memac Ogilvy, Riyadh, Arabie Saoudite  

Women's domestic abuse in KSA (Video)


Women’s abuse is a real taboo subject in Saudi Arabia, and is constantly brushed under the carpet. There are no concrete figures as to how many women are abused in the Kingdom as no studies have ever been allowed, but many put the numbers at 92% of married women are abused, mainly by their husbands. This rang true closer to home, when a member of the agency confirmed this had happened to someone close to them which concerned us and wanted to help. So how do we create awareness, change and cut-through in a country that is very conservative and culturally sensitive, and give women the protection they need, as there is no current law to protect them.


We initiated a proactive campaign that was both controversial, but also paid homage to the culture that exists in Saudi Arabia. A campaign that could only have come from the Kingdom, was a first and herald as groundbreaking. We approached the King Khalid Foundation, a non profit organisation in KSA who gave their total backing to the campaign.


In just seven months our fan base grew by 75%, culminating with a total of 61,255 member gained overall. 545 participants engaged with the “Dove Friends App,” and the buzz around it boosted our fan base by an astoWithin 2 days of the first insertion it went viral globally across social channels, with many of the international news channels immediately picking it up. CNN and Reuters conducted interviews with HRH and the Riyadh office.

Until July it was the most shared ad globally with over 8 million media impressions. On the 26th August 2013, Saudi Arabia passed a new law protecting women against domestic abuse that is punishable by law. Again international news channels have picked it up, citing the campaign as one one the key drivers.

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